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Alan Doherty [userpic]
03/06/13 added Photos from 01/06 80s Night
by Alan Doherty (alan_ie)
at 4th June 2013 (12:52)

Dominion latest: 03/06/13 added Photos from 01/06 80s Night

08/06/13 DJs Koschi aka Andreas K. And DeQuath aka Will Fox And T.B.C.

our promotions for the night : €10 for 4 vodkas (free dash), till 11pm only, €10 for 3 bottles of Sol, others To Be Confirmed Suggest-other-drinks

http://dominion.gothic.ie/events/ View All upcoming gigs, events and DJs or check out these highlights

15/06/13 Zero Point Zero (Live Band) DJs Beo aka Christoph Heimann And T.B.C.

22/06/13 Gojira335 aka Glenn Way's Birthday Party DJs Glenn Way And To Be Confirmed

13/07/13 Dominions 14th Birthday DJs T.B.C.

29/05/13 added Playlists to Photos from 25/05/13 CD giveaway

25/05/13 added Playlist to video and Photos from 18/05/13

15/05/13 added playlists to Photos from DJ Arcanus' Visit

07/05/13 added playlists to Photos from 04/05/13

04/05/13 students friends of ours have asked could you please fill out their short survey